Ancient Dragons struggle to preserve their way of life--after their strongest warrior is murdered--racing to rediscover a Legendary creature of immense wisdom and power... before their undead adversaries imprison or destroy it. 

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 An intelligent society of Dragons seek to re-discover a long lost Firebird of legend and wisdom.  However, their sworn enemies--the Ghost Dragons--intend to imprison or to enslave this powerful Phoenix.  A long and arduous adventure is unleashed for Dragons both young and old--racing against time; facing unknown perils which stand between the Heroic Dragons and audience with the wise Bird of Fire... including hidden powers and knowledge that no being fathomed to ever be attainable. 

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I'm extremely excited to share this work--not only because of the dedicated, difficult and methodical work I've put into the script, story and characters--but because of the amazing TEAM I have!  The sixteen vocal actor artists aboard the project are nothing less than phenomenal, and I feel completely blessed to have such a wealth of talent aboard the project.  Their voices will lend both honesty and truth... and also, dramatic power to the characters, matching the images of these Dragons in perfect form.

But the 'team' doesn't stop there!  Artists Klaudia Bezak and Ted Buffington have already created several conceptual art drawings that have shaped the emotional reaction (and understanding) that people can now see and FEEL--via their detailed-oriented work.  I'm especially amazed at the "two castles/fortresses" that Klaudia has designed: one for the heroes--and one for the villains.  They are precisely as I described and imagined... and as the old saying goes--a picture is worth 1000 words!  Maybe 2000 in these cases...

My composer (Eamonn Cseplo) is nothing short of brilliant with the simple and short conceptual pieces of music he's already composed.  One piece is immeasurably sad and poignant--and rightly so... complementing the death of one of the Dragons (I'll not say which at this point!) extremely well, and with emotional presence, power, and also a sense of 'closure'.  His more heroic & uplifting pieces are also wonderfully energetic, inciting, and evoke the types of strong emotions in the listeners that we're all craving--and requiring, given the circumstances of each scene or action point.

I eagerly, eagerly look forward to seeing and hearing more and more from my incredible "band of Dragons"!  :)

So, please--if you believe in what you have seen and heard thus far--CONSIDER SUPPORTING THIS MAGNIFICENT, UNIQUE AND EPIC PROJECT!  You won't be sorry--your investment of time and/or money will come back to you, tenfold.  I can nearly guarantee it: I believe in our work more than any project I've ever been attached to, directed, produced, or performed within.  It truly is a monumental and legendary tale that NEEDS TO BE TOLD, and requires that level of vindication--to see it 100% to fruition!"

--Matthew Carauddo

--Writer, Director, Project Lead, Actor


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